Steps for running urbancode deploy agent as a service on AIX

we suppose that you have already installed your urbancode agent in AIX machine using this directory location:


your script to run the agent will be /opt/ibmucd/agent/bin/ibm-ucdagent start

to run  it as a service in AIX at startup edit your /etc/inittab and add this new line to it :

ucd-agent:2:once:/opt/ibm-ucd/agent/bin/ibm-ucdagent start > / dev/null 2>&1

The above entry can be summarized as follows:

  • ucd-agent: The unique identifier
  • 2: Run this when the system reaches runlevel two (the default)
  • once: Run the script and do not wait for its termination; init will carry on processing inittab. Iif the process fails, init will not attempt to rerun it.
  • /opt/ibm-ucd/agent/bin/ibm-ucdagent : The full path and script name of the command to run; notice that the output is thrown away to /dev/dull. We end with a ‘#’ comment on what the script does.

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